Donna, a New York City native, has very strong roots in music. She is an accomplished musician herself. She not only plays guitar and keyboards but excels at piano as well as vocals. She moved to Fl in the mid 90s and has since immersed herself in the music scene. She has done promotions for many prominent bands and adores concerts and outdoor festivals. She never conforms to the norm and is known for thinking outside of the box. She has such an amazing presence when she enters the room that she commands attention. She is hysterically funny and will have you cracking up with her crazy antics. She is extraordinarily creative in a multitude of ways and with her down to earth personality people are drawn to her. She will be bringing us all she has to offer with her knowledge of the scene here as well as the scene in NYC. 
Jennifer Leah aka *PriNceSsMissJ*  has spent the majority of her life in the south Florida area. She has a very eclectic taste is music. While Hip Hop will always be her first love, she grew up in the mid 90s when the underground rave scene was at its peak. She will always adore old school Miami Bass and breakbeats above all else. She promotes for various music producers as well as for parties. Dancing is her passion in life.  She adores rock and new wave, basically if it's good, she likes it. She brings to the table much knowledge of the Ft Lauderdale and Miami Beach scene as well as local DJs and Artists. She adores fashion and glamour and she’ll be bringing us the Freshest of the Fresh and the Dopest  of the Dope!