Join Stephanie Banks host of The Miss. Celebrity in Miami Show as she brings you the real side of Miami. Stephanie gives you all the insider information and footage on Hotels, Clubs, Spas, Local Restaurants, Music Artist/Performances, Interviews, Charities, Movie Premieres, Fashion and Red Carpet events. Look out for all the behind the scene footage of what really happens when you step out on the town…

Tune into for "The Miss. Celebrity in Miami and The Blondies Show" which is on Thursday Nights at 8:30pm.

Personal Message from Miss. Celebrity:

What up everybody it is your girl Miss. Celebrity and it is my pleasure to bring to you my new website which I am very excited about. I will be posting the new shows here as well as the radio bits. I will try blogging as much as possible but what I am really excited about is all the behind the scenes real footage that I will be posting from my personal camera.   xoxo